Grape Kindness Rainbow Mask Chain by EuniqYou x Knoette



Kindness, a state, quality, act of being kind. May you be a bearer of kindness this Christmas, to show generosity, empathise, speak gentle words to others for them to feel safe around you.

Back to join in the Christmas festivities is our EuniqYou x Knoette Rainbow mask chain! Incorporating our individual brand’s Christmas collection theme, we have added a twist to our Rainbow mask chains to make it extra special for you and as gifts!

Genesis 3:19 “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth” 

With His sealed promises & His spirit who lives in us, may we be bearers and spread the fruits from within us to make this Christmas a truly joyful & fruitilicious one!

Our entire rainbow mask chain is meticulously made by hand – from the threading and sewing of the rainbow to the beading of the mask chain & fruits.


  • Embroidery thread macrame rainbow
  • 3mm translucent seed beads from Japan
  • Personalisation (+$3) available in gold letter in white cubic square beads (middle of the chain)
  • Option to add-on an eye glass hook to double up as a sunglasses chain here
  • Option to adorn the chain with a removable hand-beaded fruit charm of your choice (+$20)
  • Available in 40cm (child)/ 48cm (adult) / 65cm (adult-ext) length options
  • Listing is for the mask chain only (mask excluded)


How to wear?:

  • Necklace: Hook both clasps together
  • Bracelet: Wrap chain around wrist 2-3 times
  • Sunglasses chain: Attach sunglass grips to both clasps and slide it on your shades
  • Mask chain: Hook clasp to each side of the mask ear loops, sling it over your neck and wear mask
Note: Lead time: 2 weeks to craft to perfection, multiple items order may take to 3 weeks
Please DM/WhatsApp for urgent orders, urgent fee applies. 
Last date to order to receive by Christmas: 13 December 2021

Child (40 cm), Adult (48 cm), Adult ext (65cm)


No thanks, Name (+$3)

Fruit Charm #1

No thanks, Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Strawberry