Joanne Sweet Rainbow Mask Chain


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Rainbow, sweet pastel coloured beaded mask chain with up to 2 embellishments of your choice. Name will be personalised in round white beads with gold letters. This limited piece is inspired by @j0annesim, co-founder of @Brunohotplatesg.

Perfect for all ages, especially young children. Very lightweight and versatile. Mask chain is made using strong beading wire to sustain a reasonable amount of tug. Seed bead colours are arranged in a random & rad order.

Great for schooling kids to reduce the chance of contamination when they remove their masks momentarily. Comes in both kids & adult sizes.

Embellishment #1

Apple, Beaded Daisy, Butterfly, Candy, Colourful Smiley Flower, Crystal Flower, Dark Blue Evil Eye, Iridescent Flower, Iridescent Heart, Iridescent Star, Jelly Ribbon, Light Blue Evil Eye, No thanks, Orange, Outlined Heart, Pearlescent Star, Rainbow Accented Beads, Smiley Face, Smiley Flower, Surprise Me

Embellishment #2

Apple, Butterfly, Colourful Smiley Flower, Dark Blue Evil Eye, Light Blue Evil Eye, Orange, Outlined Heart, Pearlescent Star, Smiley Flower, Surprise Me, No thanks, Candy, Rainbow Accented Beads, Beaded Daisy, Crystal Flower, Iridescent Heart, Iridescent Flower, Iridescent Star, Jelly Ribbon, Smiley Face


No thanks, Name (+$3)


Child (40 cm), Adult (48 cm), Adult ext (65cm)