Marquise Birthstone Mask Chain


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This gold ball mask chain embellished with Marquise shaped glass gems is our take on an accessories perfect for our queen. This piece will definitely add that extra ompf to your outfit, plus point to how elegant it looks!

Marquise shaped glass gems of the following colours/month:

Jan – Rose Quartz (Opaque Pink)
Feb – Amethyst (Purple)
Mar/Oct – Aquamarine (Clear Light Blue)
Apr – Clear Crystal
May – Emerald
Jun – Not available
Jul – Ruby (Fuchsia)
Aug – Peridot (Opaque Sage)
Sep – Sapphire
Nov – Topaz (Golden Brown)
Dec – Onyx (Clear Black)


  • 18K gold ball chain
  • Marquise shaped glass gems
  • Length: 45cm (adult) / 65cm (adult ext)
  • Listing is for the mask chain only (mask excluded)

Lead time: Order before 30 April to receive by Mother’s Day


Adult (48 cm), Adult ext (65cm)

Marquise Birthstone

Jan – Rose Quartz (Opaque Pink), Feb – Amethyst (Purple), Mar/Oct – Aquamarine (Clear Light Blue), Apr – Clear Crystal, May – Emerald, Jul – Ruby (Fuchsia), Aug – Peridot (Opaque Sage), Sep – Sapphire, Nov – Topaz (Golden Brown), Dec – Onyx (Clear Black)