Monochrome Mask Strap Set of 3



This set of 3 mask straps is perfect for daily errands and workouts. Popular with men for due to its simple and functional design.

Our herringbone pattern mask strap can be used by anyone of all ages and its unisex. These are made durable and washable so you can reuse them for a long time.

To straighten it, you can wet it and pull to taut it straight and air-dry.


  • Cotton fabric
  • Durable snap buttons from Japan
  • 10mm wide
  • Water-resistant, baby-proof
  • Suitable for all mask sizes
  • Size guide – 40cm (kids) | 50cm (adults) | 60cm (adults-ext)


Please note that the listing is for mask straps only. As the mask strap is handmade, it is subjected to 1-2cm measurement difference.


There may be 1 to 2 cm difference due to handmade nature Please note that the listing is for the lanyard strap only.

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40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm