Striped Heart Mask Strap


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We know how frustrating it is for your mask chain to snap from the unexpected pulling and tugging (especially moms with kids – we feel you!). To save you from the heartache, I’ve put together a series of mask strap that’s durable and baby-proof! Bonus point with cute prints to complement your outfit.


  • Heart shaped snap buttons (super cute!) imported from USA
  • Polyester Black-white stripes design
  • Polyester are very resilient and can withstand a good deal of wear and tear
  • Water-resistant, baby-proof
  • 10mm wide
  • Suitable for all mask sizes
  • Size guide – 40cm (kids) | 50cm (adults) | 60cm (adults-ext)

Please note that the listing is for mask straps only. As the mask strap is handmade, it is subjected to 1-2cm measurement difference.

Lead time: Order before 30 April to receive by Mother’s Day


Adult (50cm), Adult ext (60cm), Child (40 cm)

Heart Button

Red, White