EuniqYou Jewellery


The name Euniq is a portmanteau of the word unique, and the name of the designer, Eunice. Binding her to you, it forms a site that portrays the most Unique of You.

Her jewellery line is for ladies who care for style and fashion enhanced by eunique adornments. It features handmade jewellery created from vintage finds, semi-precious stones, buttons, beads, wires, brooches, chains, everything & anything possible.

She is also very particular about the quality and ensures that each eunique piece is able to last for generations.

About The Designer – Eunice Tan

Eunice has a penchant for all things oriental, Peranakan & vintage with a touch of me. Throughout her journey, Eunice loves to collect vintage items from all around the world, but her best source is still from her mother’s collection.